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作者:耿軍, 出版社:大展, 出版日期:2007-07-05

定價 200 元, 最低 180 元起... 博客來 完整列出比價資訊...

商品條碼:9789574685455, ISBN:9574685454
分類標籤:中文書 » 其他 » 飲食生活 » 運動 » 手工藝





Brief Introduction to the Routine Plum Blossom

  Seven-star mantis boxing is a kind of shape- simulating boxing, which was developed and compiled by Wang Lang, a boxer at early Qing Dynasty, applying the capturing and fighting skills of the two arms when he researched the scene of mantis capturing cicada. Later, Wang Lang stayed at Shao Temple for 3 years, and taught mantis boxing to the monks of this temple. Plum Blossom Routine is one of the routines in seven-star mantis boxing, which uses the temper force with grace, both long and short actions, harmonious and consistent actions of the hands and feet, forthright rhythm, integral strength and complete force, the actions of hook, grad, twining and closing, being coherent, compact and most changeful.






Brief Introduction to the Author

  Geng Jun(also named Shidejun in Buddhism), born in Mengzhou City of Henan Province, November 1968, is a Bud-dhist disciple of the 31st generation, the 7th section of Chinese Wu shu, national "Shijia" Wu shu coach, Vice Secretary General of China Shaolin Wu shu Research Society, standing committee member of 10th Political Consultative Conference of Jiaozuo City, invited General Kungfu Coach of special police of Jinan Military District, visiting professor of Luoyang Normal University, and Board Chairman of Yingcai Education Group. In 1989, he estab-lished Mengzhou Shaolin Wu shu Institute; in 2001, he estab-lished Yingcai Bilingual School.He has been successively awarded honorable titles of "Excellent Youth News Celebrity of Henan Province" "State Excellent Wu shu Educationalist" etc.

  In 1983, he learned Wu shu from Suxi Rabbi, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, and Grandmaster Sufa, a famous Wu shu monk, and became the last disciple of the Grandmaster. Then recom-mended by Grandmaster Sufa, he learned Wu shu from masters such as Li Zhanyuan, great master of mantis boxing, and Yu Xianhua who specializes in Jingangli gong. He won the Shaolin Wu shu champion for 6 times in China Zhengzhou International Wu shu Festival, National Competition of Wu lin Elites, National Wu shu Performance Conference, etc. and one "Damo Trophy" that symbolizes the highest honor of Shaolin Wu shu in Chinese Traditional Wu shu Succinct Competition. 36 volumes teaching VCD of Shaolin Traditional Wu shu has been published and is-sued by People's Sports Audio Visual Publishing House. He has led delegations to visit overseas for many times, enjoying high reputation in the martial art circle of the world.

  Mengzhou Shaolin Wu shu Institute, established by him, has developed into the largest enclosed type boarding school of Yubei(north of Henan Province)area, which takes knowledge as primary and Wu shu as distinctiveness, also one of China's top ten Wu shu education bases.

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