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Native America from Prehistory to First Contact

Native America from Prehistory to First Contact

作者:Rodney Carlisle, J. Golson, 出版社:ABC-Clio, 出版日期:2008-04-16

商品條碼:9781851098309, ISBN:1851098305
分類標籤:Subjects » Books » History » United States » Americas



Native America from Prehistory to First Contact

The first title in ABC-CLIOís groundbreaking series Turning PointsóActual and Alternate Histories delves into the history of North America before European contact. There is much classroom literature on Native Americans after first contact; there is little on the history before. This work fills that gap, detailing the thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

Climate changes, major battles, technology, and settlement patternsóall played a part in shaping the pre-Columbian history of North America. This book takes eight key points in history, presents the facts as they happened, and examines what might have happened if there were different outcomes. Small changes can produce vastly different results; this book shows how, and engages studentsí critical thinking skills while teaching them basic history.

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