Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

作者:Houck, Max M., 出版社:Academic Press, 出版日期:2018-02-15

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Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis, the latest release in the Advanced Forensic Science series, an ongoing reference that grew out of recommendations from the 2009 NAS Report: Strengthening Forensic Science: A Path Forward serves as a graduate level text for those studying and teaching forensic psychology, and is also an excellent reference for forensic psychologists. Coverage includes investigations, death and violence, abuse, other methods and professional issues. Edited by a world-renowned, leading forensic expert, the Advanced Forensic Science series is a long overdue solution for those in the forensic science community.

  • Provides basic principles of forensic science and an overview of forensic behavioral analysis
  • Contains sections on investigations, abuse, death and violence
  • Includes coverage of other methods, such as phonetics and forensic linguistics
  • Includes a section on professional issues, such as crime scene to court, expert witness testimony, health and safety
  • Incorporates effective pedagogy, key terms, review questions, discussion questions and additional reading suggestions
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