The Juvenile Skeleton

The Juvenile Skeleton

作者:Louise Scheuer, Sue Black, 出版社:Elsevier Science & Technology, 出版日期:2010-03-26

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The Juvenile Skeleton

The identification of even the smallest human fetal bone can be vital to the success of a criminal investigation or to the identification of the deceased. This book examines every bone in the human body from its earliest embryological stage through to maturity and is profusely illustrated with superb bone drawings at every stage of development. The ability to identify every component of the developing skeleton is of core relevance not only to the forensic profession but also to clinicians, skeletal biologists and physical anthropologists. It identifies every component of the developing skeleton. It provides detailed analysis of juvenile skeletal remains and the development of bone as a tissue. It also summarizes key morphological stages in the development of every bone.

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