Success With Reading 3: Third Edition (20k)

Success With Reading 3: Third Edition (20k)

作者:Tina Gionis, 出版社:寂天文化事業(股)公司, 出版日期:2008-12-10

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商品條碼:9789861844336, ISBN:9861844333
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Success With Reading 3: Third Edition (20k)

本書是Success With Reading 3的修訂三版,內文文章與習題都經過修正。

Reading is one of the most important language skills. It can help you understand more and learn more. It can also become a fulfilling hobby. Reading is an essential part of your study of the English language. The only way to improve your reading skills is to practice, practice, practice.

By reading this book, you will have the chance to practice. You will learn the skills to find out the key points and the details of an article or a story. You will also learn how to summarize, how to think critically, and how to build up vocabulary.

Success With Reading 3 is the third volume of a series exercise books concentrating on training reading skills. The book comprises of hundreds of articles with reading comprehension tests, and each test aims at developing different reading skills. Follow the instruction in front of each unit and finish the tests step by step, reading proficiencies can be acquired by ease. The topics of reading materials are varied. By reading the articles, you will be equipped with not only reading capability but a wide variety of knowledge including arts, history, technology and biology.

You may acquire all types of reading skills at school. However, only by practice can you gain high proficiency. And this is the reason why Success With Reading exists.


Tina Gionis currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan where she works as a freelance writer and photographer. Born in Greece, she immigrated to the United States when she was young. She holds Bachelors Degrees in both Psychology and Creative Writing from the University of Toledo.

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