Risk, Value and Default (World Scientific Series in Finance)

Risk, Value and Default (World Scientific Series in Finance)

作者:Roggi, Oliviero, 出版社:WSPC, 出版日期:2015-07-30

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Risk, Value and Default (World Scientific Series in Finance)
Scholars and practitioners have known for a long time that risk plays an important, indeed central, role in determining the appropriate discount rate to be used in a sophisticated valuation model. In today’s world, however, the very risk of survival, especially for financial institutions, is essential to the health of the world’s capital markets and its impact on the global economy.Risk, Value and Default is a vital text for understanding the interaction between enterprise risk management and corporate valuation and corporate default. The book seeks to explore the interaction between the risk of default and enterprise risk, and their joint impact on firm valuation. It aims to address the problem of how corporations should deal with risk and how they can maximize shareholder value. It also examines various conceptual ways to measure risk, thereby bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and pragmatic application.The book combines sound conceptual analytics and regional firm data to provide useful information and tangible guidelines for firms as well as for analysts and advisors of these entities. Scholars and professionals with an interest in risk management, and managers, owners, creditors and potential investors in enterprises will find Risk, Value and Default a particularly useful guide to understanding the relationship between risk generation, risk management and corporate value and default from an interdisciplinary perspective.
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