New frontiers in artificial intelligence : joint JSAI 2001 workshop post-proceedings

New frontiers in artificial intelligence : joint JSAI 2001 workshop post-proceedings

作者:Terano, Takao (EDT)/ Nishida,, 出版社:Springer, 出版日期:2002-02-05

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New frontiers in artificial intelligence : joint JSAI 2001 workshop post-proceedings

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed joint post-proceedings of five international workshops organized by the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence, JSAI in 2001.
The 75 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the volume. In accordance with the five workshops documented, the book offers topical sections on social intelligence design, agent-based approaches in economic and complex social systems, rough set theory and granular computing, chance discovery, and challenges in knowledge discovery and data mining.

Part I. Social Intelligence Design
  1. Social Intelligence Design - An Overview Toyoaki Nishida
    1.1  Introduction
    1.2  Horizon of Social Intelligence Design
      1.2.1  Methods of Establishing the Social Context
      1.2.2  Embodied Conversational Agents and Social Intelligence
      1.2.3  Collaboration Design
      1.2.4  Public Discourse
      1.2.5  Theoretical Aspects of Social Intelligence Design
      1.2.6  Evaluations of Social Intelligence
       1.3   Concluding Remarks
  2. FaintPop: In Touch with the Social Relationships
      Takeshi Ohguro, Kazuhiro Kuwabara, Tatsuo Owada, and
      Yoshinari Shirai
       2.1  Social Intelligence Design for Communications
       2.2  In Touch with the Social Relationships
       2.3  Initial Experiment
       2.4  Conclusion and Related Works
  3. From Virtual Environment to Virtual Community
     A. Nijholt
       3.1  Introduction
       3.2  Towards Multi-user Virtual Worlds
         3.2.1  Interacting Embodied Personalities
         3.2.2  Embodied Personalities in Virtual Worlds
       3.3  Building a Theater Enviromnent
       3.4  Interacting about Performances and Environment
       3.5  Towards a Theater Community   
  4. Collaborative Innovation Tools
    John C. Thomas
    4.1  hnportance of Collaboration: Practical and Scientific
    4.2  New Technological Possibilities
    4.3  Work of the Knowledge Socialization Group
  5. Bricks &: Bits &: Interaction
    R. Fruchter
    5.1  Introduction
    5.2  Visibility, Awareness, and Interaction in Videoconference Spac
    5.3  Mobile Learners in E-learning Spaces
    5.4  Emerging Changes Influenced by Bricks & Bits & Interaction
  6. A Distributed Multi-agent System for the Self-Evaluation
    of Dialogs
    Alain Cardon
    6.1  Introduction
    6.2  System General Architecture
    6.3  Representation of the Semantic of the Communication Act...
    6.4  Semantic Traits and Agents
    6.5  Aspectual Agent Organization
    6.6  The Emerging Meaning of the Communication:The Morphological Agent Organization
    6.7  Interpretation of the Morphological Organization: The Evocation Agents
    6.8  Conclusion
  7. Public Opinion Channel:
    A System for Augmenting Social Intelligence of a
    Tomohiro Fukuhara, Toyoaki Nishida, and Shunsuke Uemura
     7.1  Introduction
     7.2  Communication Costs
     7.3  POC Prototype System
          7.3.1  POC Server
          7.3.2  POC Client: POCViewer
     7.4  Evaluation
     7.5  Discussion
          7.5.1  Automatic Broadcasting System
          7.5.2  POC and Narrative Intelligence
     7.6  Conclusion
PartII.Agent-based Approaches in Economic and Soeial complex systems
PartIII.Rough Set Theory and granular Computing
PartIV.Chance discovery
PartV.challenge in Knowledge discovery and datamining
Author Index
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