Brownfield Application Development in .net

Brownfield Application Development in .net

作者:Baley, Kyle/ Belcham, Donald/ Laribee, David (FRW), 出版社: , 出版日期:2010-03-28

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Brownfield Application Development in .net

Most software developers have inherited legacy or brownfield projects that require maintenance, incremental improvements, or even cleaning up the mess another programmer left behind.

Brownfield Application Development in .NET shows developers how to approach legacy applications with the state-of-the-art concepts, patterns, and tools developers apply to new projects. Using an existing application as an example, this book guides readers in applying the techniques and best practices they need to make a brownfield application more maintainable and receptive to change.

As the book proceeds, the authors introduce frameworks and tools commonly used today while still approaching the subject from a conceptual level so that you can substitute alternate tools as appropriate. Because the book is based on the authors' experiences, Brownfield Application Development in .NET moves beyond the theories and shows readers the techniques they need to be successful.

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