Problems and Solutions for MRCP Nephrology

Problems and Solutions for MRCP Nephrology

作者:Sheerin, Neil, 出版社:Imperial College Press, 出版日期:2017-08-30

商品條碼:9781848166547, ISBN:1848166540
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Problems and Solutions for MRCP Nephrology
This book is ideal for candidates taking the examination for membership of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom (MRCP). The second part of the examination takes the form of a written paper consisting of clinical case analysis and interpretation of data, radiology and pathology. These questions cover all medical specialities.As part of a series of speciality-specific books for MRCP candidates, this book focuses on Nephrology (renal medicine) which accounts for ten percent of the questions in MRCP. It consists of a series of questions dealing with all aspects of Nephrology, similar to those asked in the MRCP examination. Answers and explanations are provided to the candidate. This provides experience in answering MRCP questions and provides educational material in the answer section.The book is written by experts in the field of Nephrology and nephrological investigation, including a renal pathologist and radiologist with an interest in renal disease. This is in contrast to many of the MRCP publications that are written by generalists.
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