Hey, Frog!

Hey, Frog!

作者:Piet Grobler, 出版社:Lemniscaat Ltd, 出版日期:2017-04-06

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商品條碼:9781788070027, ISBN:178807002X
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Hey, Frog!
  A humorous peaceful animal fable set in a friendly  African savannah One blazing hot day, thirsty Frog takes a sip from a little puddle. It  tastes so good that he drinks the next puddle and the next. He  empties the water hole. He empties the river. He empties the lake.  He drinks up all the water everywhere. The other animals on the savannah are not amused by Frog's thirst  and try to get him to give back the precious water on which their  lives depend. Lion tries to scratch Frog. Chameleon tries to bribe  Frog with a fly. Crocodile tells tales of frog dinners. F inally, the eels  have a very clever idea .
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