The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images

The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images

作者:Runge, Val M., M.D./ Nitz, Wolfgang R., Ph.D./ Trelles, Miguel, M.D./ Goemer, Frank L., Ph.D., 出版社: , 出版日期:2013-12-04

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The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images
"The text is organized into concise chapters, each discussing an important point relevant to clinical MR and illustrated with images from routine patient exams. The topics covered encompass the breadth of the field, from imaging basics and pulse sequences to advanced topics including contrast-enhanced MR angiography, spectroscopy, perfusion, and advanced parallel imaging techniques. Discussion of the latest hardware and software innovations--for example, MR-PET, interventional MR, compressed sensing, andmultishot EPI--is included because these topics are critical to current and future advances. Included in the third edition are a large number of new topics, keeping the text up-to-date in this increasingly complex field. The text has also been revised toinclude additional relevant clinical images, to improve the clarity of descriptions, and to increase the depth of content"--Provided by publisher.
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