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作者:Hughes, Henry, 出版社:Skyhorse Publishing, 出版日期:2016-03-08

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Henry Hughes has been fishing his entire life. But unlike those that stick to their local stream, Hughes has traveled the world in search of new and exciting adventures.

Back Seat with Fish is unlike any memoir you’ve ever read. Traveling across East Asia—from Beijing to Bangkok—as well as through the United States, Hughes shares stories of the fish he’s caught and the people he’s met.

Fishing is a sport that crosses boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, and class. Through his adventures, Hughes has learned lessons on the issues of race and cultural tensions as he interacts with a wide variety of those who share his love for fishing and the sensual connections between the salty pleasures and tensions of human and fish life.

Throughout the travels in Back Seat with Fish are adventures with carp andfugu to sharks and snakeheads, as well as interactions with a colorful cast of people, including a Sioux Indian from South Dakota, an elderly African American on the Mississippi, to those found by the water in Beijing. But this story is not just for people who fish or love nature. Back Seat with Fish is for people who enjoy a good story.
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