Working with Loss and Grief: A New Model for Practitioners

Working with Loss and Grief: A New Model for Practitioners

作者:Machin, Linda, 出版社: , 出版日期:2008-12-19

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Working with Loss and Grief: A New Model for Practitioners
Loss is a universal human experience. Supporting those who are grieving a significant life loss is a key role for many professionals in health and social care settings and is the focus in many voluntary organizations. Although there is extensive literature on loss and bereavement, practitioners often struggle to see how to put theory into practice.

Working with Loss and Grief provides a new model that makes clear connections between theory and practice. The Range of Response to Loss model provides a theoretical �?~compass' for recognizing the wide variability in reaction to loss and the Adult Attitude to Grief scale is a tool for �?~mapping' individual grief and its change over time. Together these provide a framework for practitioners to use in:
  • Listening to the �?~stories' of grief told by clients/patientsA藩
  • Identifying common patterns in griefA藩
  • Recognizing individual difference in grief responseA藩
  • Assessing the need for therapeutic intervention or supportA藩
  • Prompting therapeutic dialogueA藩
  • Guiding therapeutic focusA藩
  • Measuring client's/patient's progressA藩
  • Appraising outcome

Case examples are used to show that the experience of grief is highly individual, but also, reassuringly capable of being understood in terms of general concepts. As such it is a valuable resource not only for practitioners and trainees in counseling and social work, but also for psychologists, doctors, nurses, and for researchers studying loss and grief.
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