Interviews in Qualitative Research

Interviews in Qualitative Research

作者:King, Nigel/ Horrocks, Christine, 出版社:Sage Publications Ltd, 出版日期:2010-03-06

商品條碼:9781412912563, ISBN:1412912563
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Interviews in Qualitative Research
Interviewing is used very widely in qualitative research, and takes many different forms. It is also a method that is constantly evolving, in response both to theoretical and technological developments.

King and Horrocks present a clear and thorough guide to the use of interviews in contemporary qualitative research. Writing in an accessible style, with many practical examples, the authors explore:

- The key debates in the philosophy and theory underlying interview methods

- How to design and carry out interviews

- The special requirements of group and remote (telephone and online) interviewing

- The central issues of reflexivity and ethics.

There is a substantial chapter introducing the principles and practice of the thematic analysis of interview data, and the book concludes with a detailed consideration of the use of interviews in two major qualitative research traditions: phenomenological and narrative approaches.

Interviewing in Qualitative Research is a must-have for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students planning to use interview methods for themselves. It is aimed at a broad range of disciplines with examples drawn from across the social, educational and health sciences.

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