Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry

Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry

作者:Beckett, Geoffrey/ Walker, Simon/ Rae, Peter/ Ashby, Peter, 出版社: , 出版日期:2010-02-22

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Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry
The new edition of the best-selling Lecture Notes title is a concise introduction to clinical biochemistry that presents the fundamental science underpinning common biochemical investigations used in clinical practice.

Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry allows the reader to make efficient and informed use of the diagnostic services offered by their clinical biochemistry department. The result is a text that serves as a reference to the practitioner as well as the student. The book takes a system-based approach, with the underlying physiological rationale for any test explained in the context of disruption by disease. This leads naturally to an integrated and practical understanding of biochemical diagnostics.

Including multiple choice questions (MCQs) alongside end-of-chapter case studies to help develop test-selection skills, Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry provides the essential background to biochemical investigations and is an ideal course companion and revision guide for medical students, junior doctors on the Foundation Programme, general practitioners, and nurses and laboratory technicians.

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