The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

作者:Zimbardo, Philip G., 出版社:書林出版有限公司, 出版日期:2007-03-27

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The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil


  三十年後,金巴多教授以《路西法效應》(The Lucifer Effect)首度親自撰述、並呼應從「史丹福監獄實驗」到「伊拉克監獄虐囚案」三十多年來觀察到的社會現象,深度剖析複雜的人性,全盤且深入解釋「情境力量」影響個人行為的概念。

  在實驗中以標準的生理與心理測驗,挑選了自願擔任受試者、身心健康且情緒穩定的大學生,被隨機分派到「守衛」和「犯人」兩組,接著讓他們身處模擬的監獄 環境。實驗一開始,受試者便強烈感受到角色規範的影響,努力去扮演被指定的角色。實驗第六天,情況演變得過度逼真,原本單純的大學生已轉變為殘暴不仁的守衛或是情緒崩潰的犯人--一套制服、一個身分,就輕易讓一個人性情大變--為期兩週的實驗不得不宣告中止。


  在日常生活中,我們都努力想扮演好自己的角色,例如「男性-女性」、「上司-員工」、「父母-子女」、「老師-學生」、「醫生-病人」等關係,在這些社會角色劇本的規範與束縛下,我們是否會像上帝最愛的天使路西法一樣不知不覺而對他人做出難以置信的事?本書提供認識地位和權力角色差異的原因;了解在環境中影響個人思考、情感及行動的形成及改變原因;幫助讀者重新審視、了解自己,一旦面臨陌生情境,自己「會做什麼」及「不會做什麼」,以及面對情境的強大壓力,如何勇敢反抗「路西法效應」。 中文版《路西法效應》,由商周出版。

  What makes good people do bad things? How can moral people be seduced to act immorally? Where is the line separating good from evil, and who is in danger of crossing it?

  Renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo has the answers, and in The Lucifer Effect he explains how-and the myriad reasons why-we are all susceptible to the lure of ”the dark side.” Drawing on examples from history as well as his own trailblazing research, Zimbardo details how situational forces and group dynamics can work in concert to make monsters out of decent men and women.

  Zimbardo is perhaps best known as the creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Here, for the first time and in detail, he tells the full story of this landmark study, in which a group of college-student volunteers was randomly divided into ”guards” and ”inmates” and then placed in a mock prison environment. Within a week the study was abandoned, as ordinary college students were transformed into either brutal, sadistic guards or emotionally broken prisoners.

  By illuminating the psychological causes behind such disturbing metamorphoses, Zimbardo enables us to better understand a variety of harrowing phenomena, from corporate malfeasance to organized genocide to how once upstanding American soldiers came to abuse and torture Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib. He replaces the long-held notion of the ”bad apple” with that of the ”bad barrel”-the idea that the social setting and the system contaminate the individual, rather than the other way around.

  This is a book that dares to hold a mirror up to mankind, showing us that we mightnot be who we think we are. While forcing us to reexamine what we are capable of doing when caught up in the crucible of behavioral dynamics, though, Zimbardo also offers hope. We are capable of resisting evil, he argues, and can even teach ourselves to act heroically. Like Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem and Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate, The Lucifer Effect is a shocking, engrossing study that will change the way we view human behavior.



菲利普.金巴多(Philip Zimbardo)

  為史丹福大學心理學退休榮譽教授,曾任教於耶魯大學、紐約大學及哥倫比亞大學。他是知名教科書《心理學》(Psychology and Life)作者之一,與其著作《害羞》(Shyness),兩書總銷售量已逾兩百五十萬本。



  Philip Zimbardo is professor emeritus of psychology at Stanford University and has also taught at Yale University, New York University, and Columbia University. He is the co-author of Psychology and Life and author of Shyness, which together have sold more than 2.5 million copies. Zimbardo has been president of the American Psychological Association and is now director of the Stanford Center on Interdisciplinary Policy, Education, and Research on Terrorism. He also narrated the award-winning PBS series Discovering Psychology, which he helped create. In 2004, he acted as an expert witness in the court-martial hearings of one of the American army reservists accused of criminal behavior in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

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