Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

作者:Sacks, Oliver W., 出版社:書林出版有限公司, 出版日期:2007-10-16

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Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain


  薩克斯這本新書中的精采故事,包括知名心理分析家飽受腦中重複出現的歌聲困擾;威廉斯氏症候群的小孩擁有過人的音樂稟賦;樂評家得了「恐懼音樂」的怪 病,只要聽見銅管演奏就嚇得半死;《幽冥的火》作者納博科夫似乎患有「音樂失認症」,對音樂幾無反應。還有,記憶只持續七秒的人,卻始終記得音樂;作曲家 車禍後音感全消;閃電擊中的醫生變成蕭邦迷,突然擁有鋼琴才華……



  Music can move us to the heights or depths of emotion. It can persuade us to buy something, or remind us of our first date. It can lift us out of depression when nothing else can. It can get us dancing to its beat. But the power of music goes much, much further. Indeed, music occupies more areas of our brain than language does—humans are a musical species.

  Oliver Sacks’s compassionate, compelling tales of people struggling to adapt to different neurological conditions have fundamentally changed the way we think of our own brains, and of the human experience. In Musicophilia, he examines the powers of music through the individual experiences of patients, musicians, and everyday people—from a man who is struck by lightning and suddenly inspired to become a pianist at the age of forty-two, to an entire group of children with Williams syndrome, who are hypermusical from birth; from people with “amusia,” to whom a symphony sounds like the clattering of pots and pans, to a man whose memory spans only seven seconds—for everything but music.

  Our exquisite sensitivity to music can sometimes go wrong: Sacks explores how catchy tunes can subject us to hours of mental replay, and how a surprising number of people acquire nonstop musical hallucinations that assault them night and day. Yet far more frequently, music goes right: Sacks describes how music can animate people with Parkinson’s disease who cannot otherwise move, give words to stroke patients who cannot otherwise speak, and calm and organize people whose memories are ravaged by Alzheimer’s or amnesia.

  Music is irresistible, haunting, and unforgettable, andin Musicophilia, Oliver Sacks tells us why.


奧立佛薩克斯 Oliver Sacks





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