The Aging Mind: An owner's manual

The Aging Mind: An owner's manual

作者:Rabbitt, Patrick, 出版社:Routledge, 出版日期:2014-12-08

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The Aging Mind: An owner's manual
"Getting older is something none of us anticipate with enthusiasm. There are things we can do in our 20’s and 30’s that may not be possible in our advancing years, and whilst some may actively resist or ignore the consequences of aging, change is inevitable; But whilst our physical capabilities may become limited, what concerns many people much more is cognitive decline - the aging of the mind. Professor Patrick Rabbitt has been a cognitive gerontologist studying the aging process for over half a century. Now in his late 70’s, he is in the unique position of being able to interpret his own experiences through a comprehensive understanding of what gerontological research can tell us about the aging process. In this unique book, Professor Rabbitt offers his insights from a lifetime of work studying how the mind ages, but also informed by his own experiences and insights in living through this aging process. He explains why our sensual and cognitive experiences change as we get older, including how our memories evolve, as well as what cognitive changes mean for our overall physical and emotional well-being. He is able to debunk popular myths about the aging process, and offer possible routes whereby we can manage our lives better as we get older. This is a fascinating account of the aging process from one of the most eminent gerontologists working today. Its warmth and candour will make it an enlightening read for anyone interested in their own or a relative’s advancing years; its rigour and comprehensiveness will make ideal reading for any student seeking an accessible alternative to standard textbooks on aging"--
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