Your Immune Revolution and Healing Your Healing Power

Your Immune Revolution and Healing Your Healing Power

作者:Abo, Toru, M.d./ Hillyer, Kazuko Tatsumura, Ph.d., 出版社: , 出版日期:2007-12-11

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Your Immune Revolution and Healing Your Healing Power
Until today, medical science believed that cancer is caused when a outside substance (carcinogen) enters the body and influences the cancer genes. But if you understand the white blood cells’ dominance over the autonomic nervous system, as we’ve studied, you’ll conclude that the cause of cancer is, without doubt, within our own body. In other words our lifestyles cause cancer.If you understand the immunological theories that our research group is studying, the cause of cancer will become clear to you. Cancer is produced as a result of an extreme strain. That strain can be physical, caused by overworking, for example, or an extremely unstable lifestyle, or mental instability, stemming from worry or sorrow. The factors may vary. But when we look at the big picture, we can see that cancer is a product of stress that has exhausted patients mentally and about three months, the congestion in my head was gone. As it began to dissipate, I started to feel a sharp pain, something I had never felt before when needles were applied. I suspected that my sympathetic nerve was tenser that that of most people due to the interferon treatment I’d had. Around this time, I began to believe that I would recover.I no longer have anything to do with so-called modern medicine. I have no reason to rely on it after they gave up on me. Since the autonomic nervous system immune treatment improved my health so much, I’d like to continue this treatment from now on. -Excerpt from Your Immune Revolution
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