Zombiefied!: Apocalypse

Zombiefied!: Apocalypse

作者:Gray, C. M., 出版社:HarperCollins, 出版日期:2017-08-24

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商品條碼:9780733334245, ISBN:0733334245
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Zombiefied!: Apocalypse
The fourth and final book in this hilariously spooky and spookily hilarious middle-grade series! Trick or treat?! It’s Benjamin Roy’s first Halloween as a zombie and he’s keen to see if being a real ghoul gets him more candy. But it doesn’t take long before the tricks become dangerous and the treats turn deadly. Then when the only bridge out of town is destroyed, and corpses start creeping from their caskets, he realises there’s something rotten in his town, and it’s not just the zombies... But how will Ben save anyone else, when he’s barely alive himself? Ages 8+
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