Immigration and the Transformation of Europe

Immigration and the Transformation of Europe

作者:Parsons, Craig A. (EDT)/ Smeeding, Timothy M. (EDT), 出版社:Cambridge University Press, 出版日期:2006-10-02

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Immigration and the Transformation of Europe
A new kind of historic transformation is underway in 21st-century Europe. 20th-century Europeans were no strangers to social, economic, and political change, but their major challenges focused mainly on the intra-European construction of stable, prosperous, capitalist democracies. Today, by contrast, one of the major challenges is flows across borders - and particularly in-flows of non-European people. Immigration and minority integration consistently occupy the headlines. The issues which rival immigration - unemployment, crime, terrorism - are often presented by politicians as its negative secondary effects. Immigration is also intimately connected to the profound challenges of demographic change, economic growth and welfare-state reform. Both academic observers and the European public are increasingly convinced that Europe's future will largely turn on how is admits and integrates non-Europeans. This book is a comprehensive stock-taking of the contemporary situation and its policy implications.
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