The Minority Body,A Theory of Disability

The Minority Body,A Theory of Disability

作者:Barnes, Elizabeth, 出版社:Oxford UP, 出版日期:2016-05-01

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The Minority Body,A Theory of Disability
Elizabeth Barnes argues compellingly that disability is primarily a social phenomenon- a way of being a minority, a way of facing social oppression, but not a way of being inherently or intrinsically worse off. This is how disability is understood in theDisability Rights and Disability Pride movements; but there is a massive disconnect with the way disability is typically viewed within analytic philosophy. The idea that disability is not inherently bad or sub-optimal is one that many philosophers treat with open skepticism, and sometimes even with scorn. The goal of this book is to articulate and defend a version of the view of disability that is common in the Disability Rights movement.
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