Medical Device Technologies: A Systems Based Overview Using Engineering Standards

Medical Device Technologies: A Systems Based Overview Using Engineering Standards

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Medical Device Technologies: A Systems Based Overview Using Engineering Standards
A textbook for courses in biomedical/medical devices or instrumentation in
biomedical engineering and bioengineering programs, taught at Junior and Senior
undergrad level, plus graduate level for those taking Masters courses in BME from
other engineering disciplines. Also appropriate for medical engineering, medical
physics and clinical engineering courses, plus related circuits and systems courses
(BME concentration) typically in the EE faculty.
The author of the textbook is an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
(ABET) program examiner for biomedical engineering. This text clearly meets the needs of the ABET 7/11 standard for BME program outcomes:

- ability to apply knowledge of math, engineering and science
- ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data
- ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints
- ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems
- understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

This book is written for students who have completed three semesters of calculus (i.e., typically the first 1 翻 years of a biomedical engineering or other engineering program). A considerable effort has been made to develop the theoretical content of the book in a fully worked out manner to make the book self-contained. All special mathematical skills required are developed within the text itself, with no assumed steps.

The book is designed to be used as a text for:

1) Junior or Senior courses in biomedical devices and instrumentation, and any accompanying laboratories or design project.
2) Graduate level courses in biomedical devices and instrumentation for non-BME graduates.

This book is also suitable as a support text/reference for design-, project- and laboratory-based courses in BME, and as a reference for BME survey courses that take a bioinstrumentation and biomedical focus.

��Written explicitly for students of biomedical and bioengineering taking courses in medical devices or bioinstrumentation
��Students benefit from the experience and expertise of an educator with realworld experience of developing and commercializing medical device technology
��Instructors benefit from a comprehensive course teaching package, covering both theory and applications topics
��Meets all relevant ABET criteria
��Unlike existing titles (Webster), this book has been developed as a teaching text and resource
��Each chapter includes worked example problems, application case studies, end of chapter problems and at least one detailed laboratory or equipment design example. LabVIEW based exercises support the text
��A fully worked solutions manual is available to instructors adopting the textbook
��Accompanied by a set of PowerPoint lecture slides

Contents features and benefits:

��Dedicated to biomedical engineering courses and applications
��Builds a systems based knowledge of core medical technology, focusing on the equipment found in growth areas: cardiovascular, neural, orthopaedic and combination products
��Covers 20 key devices, from the standard (defibrillators, ventilators, heart valves, thermometers), to the more exotic
��Provides appropriate background physiology for all devices covered
��Provides applicable consensus standards for all devices (usually the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) requirements
��Includes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Centre for Devices and Radiologic Health (CDRH) requirements and case studies
��Emphasis on device design from an industrial medical device perspective that provides a foundation from which students can move on to advanced study or practical commercial work
��Worked examples and homework problems reinforce learning and enhance further study
��Web site with Power
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