Foot Problems in Older People

Foot Problems in Older People

作者:Hylton Menz PhD BPod(Hons), 出版社:Pergamon Press, 出版日期:2008-07-21

商品條碼:9780080450322, ISBN:0080450326
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Foot Problems in Older People

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Dr. Menz uses his detailed and extensive knowledge of the subject to provide a critique of the strengths and limitations of existing literature and to present in this easy-to-access volume a thoroughly practical, clinically orientated and evidence-based guide. The book provides a comprehensive guide to the assessment and management of foot and ankle problems in the elderly and older people. Areas covered include the epidemiology of foot problems, functional implications, assessment of the older person with foot problems, common foot problems and their management, foot and ankle manifestations of common systemic conditions, wound management, footwear and orthotic considerations, surgical considerations and outcome assessment. Each chapter provides a comprehensive and critical review of the literature as well as providing practical evidence-based guidelines for clinicians.

"This book is packed full of a wide variety of references from peer-reviewed papers in each chapter. The author Hylton Menz, has obviously taken a clear evidence-based approach to every aspect of the book, which makes it an invaluable tool for podiatrists & podiatry students. I am sure that clinicians such as physiotherapists (& students) will find this book useful. I myself am a podiatry student & am certain I will use this book for the rest of my course, once qualified & beyond. chapters 1 & 2 give a great explanation of the prevalence of foot problems & physiological changes of ageing, which is useful in all aspects of podiatry i.e.; biomechanics- physiological changes in muscle mass etc. The diagrams & tables are a fantastic compilation of relevant information which provide a useful summary of the text; physiological changes of skin, muscle, bone etc & their effects & wound classification to name a couple. Nail, skin & vascular conditions are covered well with some fantastic colour pictures. I am really enjoying reading this book, having learnt a lot from it already. I recommend this as an essential read for podiatrists, students & any healthcare professionals involved in working with the older patient."
- Nicola Agget, Podiatry Student, University of Plymouth

"Although this book is titled "Foot problems in older people" and provides a comprehensive resource for assessment and management of this patient group, much of the information is more generally applicable. There is a useful discussion of some of the difficulties that can present themselves during assessment and suggests useful tools to assist clinicians. The book has clear illustrations and diagrams, with good quality photographs and each section is clearly indicated by a coloured strip a long the top of the page, making it easy to locate... Each chapter has a comprehensive reference list, providing a wealth of further reading and supporting evidence, with the author specifically directing the reader to other texts when a topic is beyond the scope of this book. Overall, a good book, particularly for students."
Liz Perkins, 2nd year Podiatry student, Southampton University

"Foot problems in older people is written by Dr Hylton Menz a podiatrist & researcher in foot & ankle disorders. The book encompasses a wealth of information on geriatric foot problems applicable to many professionals involved in the care of older people.
As with other recent texts from Elsevier the layout is clear and colourful enhanced further by diagrams, tables and all colour photos.
The 12 evidence based chapters cover aspects of assessment, dermatology, vascular and musculoskeletal disorders and treatment. Additionally, epidemiology, aeitiology and prevalence of disorders are described throughout. The final chapters discuss the role of orthoses & footwear with up to date information & advice.
In my opinion, an excellent book at a very reasonable price, with key components and summarised tables make this text easily readable, great for revising students & professionals alike offering differential diagnosis & clinical presentations of diseases backed up by over 1,000 references."
Jamie Tilley, Podiatry student, Cardiff

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