The Foundations of Bioethics

The Foundations of Bioethics

作者:Engelhardt, H. Tristram, Jr., 出版社:Oxford University Press, USA, 出版日期:1995-09-28

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The Foundations of Bioethics
This new, thoroughly recast Second Edition has been acclaimed as "the most important book written since the beginning of that strange project called bioethics" (Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University). Its philosophical exploration of the foundations of secular bioethics has been substantiallyexpanded. The book challenges the values of much of contemporary bioethics and health care policy by confronting their failure to secure the moral norms they seek to apply. The nature of health and disease, the definition of death, the morality of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia,physician-assisted suicide, germline genetic engineering, triage decisions and distributive justice in health care are all addressed within an integrated reconsideration of bioethics as a whole. New material has been added regarding social justice, health care reform and environmental ethics. Thevery possibility and meaning of a secular bioethics are re-explored.
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