Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity

Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity

作者:Foster, Lynn E., 出版社:Prentice Hall, 出版日期:2005-12-21

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Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity

Table of Contents

Foreword, Senators Joseph Lieberman and George Allen   xiPreface   xiiAcknowledgments   xviiAbout the Author   xixContributors   xxiSection One: Development Drivers   1Chapter 1: Lessons in Innovation and Commercialization from the Biotechnology Revolution, Gerald Gallwas      3Chapter 2: Nanotechnology and Our Energy Challenge, Richard Smalley      13Chapter 3: Fads and Hype in Technology: The Sargasso Sea of "Some Day Soon," Peter Coffee   19Section Two: The Players   31Chapter 4: Nanotechnology Commercialization: Transcending Moore's Law with Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology, Steve Jurvetson   33Chapter 5: Investment in Nanotechnology, Daniel V. Leff and R. Douglas Moffat   57Chapter 6: The Role of the U.S. Government in Nanoscale Science and Technology, Geoffrey M. Holdridge   63Chapter 7: Overview of U.S. Academic Research, Julie Chen   77Chapter 8: Understanding University Technology Transfer for Nanotechnology, Larry Gilbert and Michael Krieger   91Chapter 9: Intellectual Property Policy and Impact, Chinh H. Pham and Charles Berman   105Chapter 10: Entrepreneurs in the Technological Ecosystem, Jeff Lawrence and Larry Bock   117Chapter 11: Major Corporations: Technology, Business, and the Culture of Opportunity, Jim Duncan   129Chapter 12: Nanotechnology in Federal Labs, Meyya Meyyappan   135Section Three: Materials and Industries   139Chapter 13: Nanoscale Materials, Mark Reed, Sheryl Ehrman, Brent Segal, Zhong Lin Wang, and Fiona Case   141Chapter 14: Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors: Possibilities, Realities, and Diverse Applications, David J. Nagel and Sharon Smith   163Chapter 15: Microelectronics, George Thompson, Stephen Goodnick, and Axel Scherer   177Chapter 16: Drug Delivery, Jianjun Cheng and Suzie Hwang Pun   197Chapter 17: Bio-Nano-Information Fusion, Chih-Ming Ho, Dean Ho, and Dan Garcia   209Section Four: Convergence and Integration   223Chapter 18: Convergence and Integration, Mihail C. Roco    225Chapter 19: Ethical Considerations in the Advance of Nanotechnology, William Sims Bainbridge   233Epilogue   243Foreword to Chapter 20, Michael Kreiger   243Chapter 20: Infinitesimal Machinery, Richard Feynman   247Acronyms and Abbreviations   269Index   273

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